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Completely customizable. Completely unique.  Everything that you could ask for.  

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3-Piece Set

Pick any three of our products to be customized to your liking. Choose the color, fragrance, flavor, and bag color!

Body Butter

A rich body butter that finishes soft and luxurious. Fortified with coconut oil and shea butter to help bring much needed nutrients to your skin. Unlike most cosmetics you can choose the color, fragrance, and shimmer!

Sugar Scrub

A scrub strong enough for your body, but gentile enough for your face. This formula contains course sugar for deep cleansing and cork for a lighter exfoliation of the skin. We use coconut oil as a natural antibiotic  and to nourish your skin.

Lip Gloss

Add some shimmer and shine to your life with this lip product. Choose your color and flavor to make this completely your own. We use Vitamin E to keep your lips healthy and plump.

Lip Balm

This lip balm is created with you in mind. We use Vitamin E, coconut oil, and she butter to make your lips feel healthy and beautiful. We can change the flavor and the color of this product at your request!


A rich, luxurious cream that has coconut oil  to keep your skin nourished and feeling wonderful. Feel free to change the color, fragrance and pearl to make this product completely your own.


This serum keeps your skin hydrated and feeling great with vitamin E. We also used coconut oil to bring some nutrients back to your skin. Customize the color, fragrance and shimmer to make this luxurious serum your own.

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